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Putting an end to endless paperwork

Synergie has redefined how technology is implemented in the human resource industry by digitalising and automating endless amounts of paperwork.
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What is this project about?
Building a powerful platform to manage thousands of employee contracts

Being one of the largest human resource platforms in Spain and responsible for over 280,000 signed contracts in the last four years. This company with an international presence has redefined how technology is implemented in the human resource industry.

They provide corporations with a platform that allows managing large employee data-bases with features such as contract renewals, digital signage of contracts and employee document management.

Long term partners in innovation
This ever-growing industry and Synergie's hunger for innovation has developed a strong partnership between us where we are continually improving their system, enhancing latency, improving security while continually planning the next features to enhance their services.
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Digital & Biometric signature integrations
With different companies having various methods of signing contracts, we built the platform to include multiple types of electronic signatures, including biometric and digital signatures that could be selected at the users' discretion.
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Signing over 200,000 contracts in the last two years
Through powerful filtering capabilities, biometric signature integrations and mass editing tools, we simplified how managers search and manage employee contracts. One key feature of our solution was to allow managers to stack contracts and sign them all with one signature action, saving them valuable time.
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