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Our team consists of top UX/UI designers, developers and marketers. We’re profoundly committed to the quality of our work and the relationships we build.

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We practice transparency, continuous learning, and we put a lot of effort into maintaining our culture. We’ve been in business since 2012, growing steadily, and achieving great results.

Every solution we provide to our clients is tailored made and as been thoughtfully created. We take pride in designing and building to the highest quality standards while having fun at it!

Alejandro González

Project Manager

Alex is a curious rebel. His passion for entrepreneurship and creative problem solving has given him a deep knowledge of how technology is disrupting business models. However, he is always looking forward to learning new things and fidgeting about how to improve processes. His latest adventure: getting into quantum computing.

He founded Acid Tango with Juan Nogueras in 2012 with the aim of sharing their insights with their clients and helping them innovate, stepping out the consulting world. Born and raised in Tenerife, Alex is a proud father of a legit Ducati scrambler and, whenever he has the time, you will find him either surfing, cycling or running.

Alejandro González

Juan Nogueras

Software Architect

Juan Francisco Nogueras Parga Brunet Pabón Vilaseca Pantoja Prunés Plata Latorre Peláez, aka Juan, embodies the most creative and artistic side of Acid Tango. Together with Alex, he founded the studio after working as game programmer for several years.

Full-time dreamer and part-time drummer, Juan is outstandingly passionate about music. People at the office usually enjoy his improvised drumming performance on the desk whenever he gets too excited with a song, although we still do not know if that is a consequence of the beat or just the 3-4 coffees he usually takes.

Juan Nogueras

Gustavo Gutiérrez

Software Engineer

Originally born in Sweden, Gustavo was raised in Venezuela where he almost ended up as a professional soccer player. The world and the team would had lost a first-rate software developer, specialized in back-end and infrastructure. His latest interests include learning blockchain and travelling around Asia.

One of the sharpest minds of Acid Tango and absolute master of the Acid Smash Bros Championship, Gustavo is to the office like guacamole is to nachos: the salsa at every party. In his spare moments, he enjoys going out, playing beer-pong and dancing. He definitely raises the bar of the rest of the team to follow suit.

Gustavo Gutiérrez

Jaume Moreno

Back-end Engineer

Back-end developer by day, cameraman during the Acid Talks, Jaume proves his diverse professional skills at all times. Since coming to Acid Tango, he hasn't stopped to impress the team with his untamed stories about Alicante and its popular festivities. As a result of his storytelling skill, he is unofficially in charge of livening up any social gathering.

Passionate about airsoft and taekwondo, Jaume actually spends most of his free time walking his precious German shepherd Dante. You can also find him enjoying the competitive spirit by playing online multiplayer games. What makes him a truly remarkable human being? He is "forocochero".

Jaume Moreno

Enrique Sánchez

Chief Operations Officer

Enrique is a serial entrepreneur-turned-strategist, passionate about how industry knowledge and targeted messaging create game-changing opportunities.

As the Operations Manager, he is responsible for far more than finding new opportunities in the market. He likes involving himself since the very beginning of the ideation process and always has a thought-provoking comment ready to share. His latest ambition: expanding our firm abroad and conquer international markets.

When he is not networking, you will find Enrique either doing crossfit, playing paddle, running, skiing… or, his most skilled ability, eating.

Enrique Sánchez

Belén Crespi

Office & Administration Manager

With an extensive background in Administration and Human Resources, Belén rules the office with a kill-em-with kindness attitude and far too many documents of agreement, which means none does anything illegal during our day. She is also in charge of keeping the team well-fed with fruit, sandwiches and, above all, avocados. This obviously makes her one of the most beloved person in Acid Tango.

Before joining the team, she lived in Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and Qatar. This has given her the ability to troll people in so many different languages that you will never get the grip on it.

Belén Crespi

Daniel Ramos

Full-stack Engineer

Hummus lover, full-stack developer and with a genuine ability for karaoke, Dani leads the office in the Canary Islands. This, together with his locks and tan, makes him a greatly admired colleague by the rest of the team. Despite being half-Cuban, he recognizes he isn't any good at dancing and has set this issue as one of his personal OKRs for the future.

Outside of his Acid Tango life, Dani works as a JavaScript professor, loves functional reactive programming and is looking forward to traveling to Africa. He also has a dangerous tendency for getting lost in nature, which is actually quite worrying as he has promised the team a full tour around Tenerife...

Daniel Ramos

Aarón Pérez

Full-stack Engineer

Probably the coolest guy around Tenerife, Aarón was fated to become a developer since his early youth. The whole thing really got to him at three years’ of age with his first computer and a set of Disney floppy disks (but he might not admit the last part).

As a professional, he is always interested in trying out new things and learning how everything works, especially if it is technology or video games-related. A wish? “Being able to have all humanity’s knowledge!”. He would not say no to travel to Japan anytime either.

Aaron Pérez

Blanca García

Product Designer

Focused on user experience, user interface, and visual design, Blanca is able to create emotional connections through design by a better approach to solve human problems, always with an acid twist!

Originally from Mexico, Blanca amazes the team with her ability to tolerate spicy sauces. She, however, is one of the sweetest members of Acid Tango, always helping others with a smile. Her hobbies? Conceptual photography, music, and her two dogs: Lola and Layla.

Blanca García

Abraham Cárdenes

Mobile Application Developer

Abraham is of the youngest members of the Acid Tango team and brings a unique skill-set developing mobile applications. In particular, this Formula 1 maniac specialises in native apps for Android coupled with a strong opinion about the science of pizza.

His permanent sense of humour and excellent storytelling skills make him a quite amusing colleague. Whenever he has free time, he loves eating (without limits) and watching series such as Black Mirror, Bojack Horseman, Dark and Maniac.

Abraham Cárdenas

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Acid Tango S.L. has been the beneficiary of a contracting aid, as part of the Youth Employment Initiative from the European Social Fund, co-financed by Tenerife's local government (Cabildo), whose goal is to integrate unemployed youngsters, who are neither studying nor receiving training, in the job market in order to promote job placement of young population. To that end, Acid Tango has been backed up by the PICE Program from Santa Cruz de Tenerife Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation.

What people say

"Wondo: Acid Tango joined us to speed up the launch of new mobility services. It was a fast and efficient plug-and-play integration with our product and engineering team. Not only they managed to significantly reduce the time of development of new features, but also incorporated new best practices of design and development to our company."

"Acid Tango is our go-to technology partner for the latest knowledge and trends in product development. Having these specialists on board is of the utmost relevance for a startup, as they give us confidence that we are covered with what we need to know and implement today, and might need tomorrow."

"The Acid Tango squad has an outstanding level of commitment and their absolute integration with Synergie’s team has really added value. They aren’t just writing code for a requested feature, they’re part of the entire creative process and have helped us introduce new techniques and technologies to our codebase."

"Acid Tango has continually exceeded expectations, helping not just with the product redesign, optimizing user experience and user interaction, but with continuous monitoring and iterations. Their tech methodology and strong agile culture have profoundly impacted in our work routines. I particularly appreciate how proactive and dedicated the team has been."

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