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Revolutionising dog nutrition with an algorithm

Happets creates tailored dog food based on the answers that owners give to a few simple questions relating to their dog's age, gender, breed, eating preferences, pathologies, size and level of activity.
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What is this project about?
Leading brand of customised food for dogs

Happets is a premium subscription service for customised pet food. It handles the entire fulfillment and delivery process from picking and packing the product samples to shipping them off to the home of the consumer.

Its underlying technology analyses a broad array of data using an algorithm and then turns that intelligence into specific nutrition instructions. This data-driven, custom-tailored approach gives veterinarians better insights and advice for shaping a dog's diet. It also helps the team provide a highly personalised treatment to each customer.

Happets belongs to Agrolimen, the Spanish holding specialised in consumer goods, with leading brands in food and pet food industries as well as quick service restaurants, including Gallina Blanca, and Affinity Petcare.

Using data to improve safety and efficiency
Happets has the potential to become a game-changer in the food industry, not only for the way they approach pet nutrition but also food manufacturing and development.
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Improving the back office productivity

Our job was to optimise Happets' back office, which had been developed in-house, to encompass a wide variety of functions, many of which were interlinked.

We added new functionalities related to the subscription model management, orders management, and customer service suppor mainly. We also maximised scalability in their back office, eliminated most manual data entries, and redesigned the platform so it could be more usable.

The result is a slick application that sports a massive data of dogs and nutritional information while allowing veterinarians to easily manage large amounts of personalised orders. Since we started working for Happets, clients have increased 81% while orders have rocketed 181% more.

Fuelling growth with ecommerce performance optimisation
We carried an A/B testing to monitor the performance of the home and the checkout. This allowed us to optimise the user experience implementing new design features and custom functionalities resulting in an increased conversion rate.Other functionalities incorporated included the user log in, profile, ingredient specifications, order tracking and promotions, among others.
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Order your dog's tailored menu in less than 60 seconds
Happets allows users to order and complete their checkout in a simple yet effective way. With just a few clicks, pet owners will receive their dog's custom menu for the next 30 days from the comfort of their homes.
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