Powering vehicle owners to P2P markets.

Fleeet enables individuals and fleet owners to rent their vehicles through a subscription-based business model, which is directly integrated into their marketplace platform.

Developing a unique subscription based marketplace platform for car fleets.

Fleeet contacted us to help them build their marketplace platform that allows individuals and businesses to monetise their unused vehicles through a rental based subscription model. Once an owner has registered a vehicle, it becomes available on their marketplace website, allowing anyone to rent it through a simple checkout experience.

Fleeet has proven to cover a massive gap in the peer-to-peer economy by helping owners earn passive on their vehicles from the comfort of their homes.

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Taking part in the unfolding of the sharing economy

We are firm believers in the sharing economy and that it will play a crucial role in the future. Through Fleeet we have helped car owners earn money as well as drivers to find a car when they need it. That is why our experience building this platform has been more than inspiring.

Rent cars from the comfort of your phone

Fleeet allows users to search and browse for car rentals and complete their checkout from the comfort of their phones. With just a few clicks, clients will be ready to make use of their rented vehicles.

Reservation process

A seamless online checkout experience

Fleeet provides a simple checkout experience with default payment periods but also allows for custom rental intervals. All subscriptions integrate insurance, which is automatically calculated at checkout, while subscription payments are automatically collected through direct debit or credit card gateways.

Type of reservation by date

What people say

"Wondo: Acid Tango joined us to speed up the launch of new mobility services. It was a fast and efficient plug-and-play integration with our product and engineering team. Not only they managed to significantly reduce the time of development of new features, but also incorporated new best practices of design and development to our company."

"Acid Tango is our go-to technology partner for the latest knowledge and trends in product development. Having these specialists on board is of the utmost relevance for a startup, as they give us confidence that we are covered with what we need to know and implement today, and might need tomorrow."

"The Acid Tango squad has an outstanding level of commitment and their absolute integration with Synergie’s team has really added value. They aren’t just writing code for a requested feature, they’re part of the entire creative process and have helped us introduce new techniques and technologies to our codebase."

"Acid Tango has continually exceeded expectations, helping not just with the product redesign, optimizing user experience and user interaction, but with continuous monitoring and iterations. Their tech methodology and strong agile culture have profoundly impacted in our work routines. I particularly appreciate how proactive and dedicated the team has been."

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