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La Rosa del Desierto

La Rosa del Desierto is a single page web site. It was created for a short film that narrates a story of love between two children living in the occupied Western Sahara, forced to live apart due to the social situation in that territory.

Tecnologías: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Jquery, Slim, Sass, Mysql

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This is the typical example of the challenges faced when creating a landing page for a product. In this case, a short film with a significant impact in various festivals. The goal was to create an immersive landscape that resembled the one in the film. Using JavaScript, we created a window to the desert that changes when the user scrolls through the page.

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- Betsabe Ramírez, Mitsix CEO -


The page adapts to the screen size and scroll is performed in a way that resembles pages turning in a very dynamic way. In all our works, wire framing and mock-ups were heavily used to involve the clients in the process of design and web development.

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Dynamic effects

We have used different effects to achieve a modern, dynamic look. SVG animations, CSS effects and JavaScript based page transitions were implemented.

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The page keeps its aesthetics in mobile devices, but is slightly adapted to improve readability and user interaction. In order to achieve this effect across platforms, we followed a responsive design process.

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