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Multiplicity is an online web application that allows companies to create surveys for human resources evaluation processes and obtain reports on the retrieved data for analysis. Surveys cover competences, skills, and motivational aspects of the examinees. Companies can configure the processes in an administrative back-end. Examinees will then complete the surveys through an online test application that works both in desktop and mobile devices.

Technologies: AngularJs, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Slim, Sass, Postgresql

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The application was designed and developed with responsiveness in mind, so it could be easily used in all kinds of devices.

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- Betsabe Ramírez, Mitsix CEO -
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Dynamic elements and ease of use are paramount.

Front-end technology

User interactions have been designed carefully. In order to achieve fluid navigation and dynamic display of the information, we've chosen AngulaJS as our front-end framework technology.

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Admin panel and back-end

The administration panel uses Ruby on Rails on its core. It is a powerful, versatile application that allows administrators to create evaluation processes and generate reports from the user results, both on-screen and as downloadable files (pdf and xls).

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Evaluation processes and data consumption

Survey examinees are tested via the AngularJS application. This uses the power of JavaScript to present questions and answers in a well-organized, dynamic fashion. During the test, the data is retrieved and updated through a secure API developed with Ruby on Rails.

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Evaluation process surveys have to be easily accessible from anywhere, anytime. That's why we've taken care of making it fully operational in iOS and Android devices, and styled in a responsive way.

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