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Mitsix is a dating social network that brings groups together and sets up amazing nights out for them. Users are presented with possible groups that might fit within their dating preferences. When there is a match between two groups, the administrator sets up a date in a cool location.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Jquery, Slim, Sass, Mysql

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During the development, we focused on usability. Creating groups and selecting the ones you like to initiate dates had to be fluid and usable. The use of JavaScript was key to achieve that fluid UX goal.

Group interactions

Multiple groups can be created per account. When doing so, the user can choose between two services: regular date (with pictures) in which the user chooses the other group or a blind date, where only the type of date is specified.

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- Betsabe Ramírez, Mitsix CEO -

Facebook API integration

The platform is built around Facebook. Login and registration are done via Facebook users. This way, we can retrieve user information to recommend dates based on his or her likes. To invite friends, the Facebook API is used. This provides us with a powerful, fast way of acquiring new customers.

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Desktop and mobile.

When designing the app, we took a mobile-first approach; that is, mobile screens were implemented first and then scaled up to the desktop views. We took into consideration concepts such as vertical rhythm, font sizes, different layouts based on the screen in which it is displayed, and responsive design.

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User experience

For the mobile application, we created a different layout, changing the menu placement and adapting the structure to the device's screen to create a unique and more efficient user experience.

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