Glownet is an administration system aimed at managing live events. It handles ticket unification when bought through different ticket sale services, credit purchases before the events, remaining credit refunds, monitoring of access controls, and product sales during the events. All actions during the event are performed via wristbands and RFID devices.

In the online operations area, event attendees can activate access tickets and wristbands, as well as preload or request credit refunds. There is also an administrative section where the style of the event’s site interface can be customized to match with that of the event.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, Slim, SASS, PostgreSQL


Great transactional capabilities

The online platform permits managing multiple events at once, allowing for simultaneous purchases and refunds for different clients. With the experience of thousands of transactions, including peaks of hundreds in intervals of minutes, it has the ability to manage big amounts of monetary transactions.

The application allows for visualization of reports in real-time for attendees, purchases, credits, devices, and staff.





+499,998 €

In operations

Event management

During the requirement gathering phase, the needs of employees and people in charge of the devices were taken into account. All interaction flows have been designed with usability in mind, so all real-time actions and configurations made during the event are easy to perform.


Design and user experience

We created all the user interactions with the mobile devices in mind, both for administrative and end users. Users have a well-defined set of actions, interactions and sections to check all the information they need.


Mobility and configuration

Event promoters can make changes to the products or access points in real-time.